QR for Marketers

Learn how the top brands are using Flowcode to increase customer connections using QR.

Increase audience engagement, IRL

Think of a QR code as a URL that your audience doesn't need to type in.

They just pull out their phones, hover the camera over the code, and are instantly taken to your website, social, a video, a sweepstake or anywhere you can imagine! 

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QR For Marketers

4 ways to elevate your marketing with QR

1. Give your audience a deeper experience

QR codes have become a popular tool for marketers because of the versatility they offer. You can set a QR code to scan to almost any digital experience including: 

Your website. A phone number or text message. Download an app. Your menu. Customer contact collection. Connect to Wi-Fi. Payment Processing.

2. Optimize your ad buys with A/B tests 

See which creative direction or distribution plan gets more attention with Flowcode QR!

Create a unique code for each marketing campaign. With our scan analytics, you can gain valuable insights into who is engaging and when to optimize your marketing spend.

To set up an A/B test, log into your Flowcode account and create unique Flowcodes for each material or variable you plan on testing. Make sure to name your Flowcodes in order to track performances. Download and add your codes to the creative, then let the data do the talking!

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3. Collect information from your audience

Have your collect customer contact information and add it to your CRM! Or, set your QR code to a survey so customers can give you their feedback on products and services. 

4. Improve your Google reviews

Get more reviews from customers on Google and Yelp by setting your Flocode QR destination to review your business.

Don't forget to add a "Leave a Review" CTA on your code! 

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Measure your Marketing

Flowcode members get a free date analytics dashboard you can see who is engaging with your content and when. 

Prove your marketing works, optimize your ad spends, and improve your targeting by checking out your QR Analytics!

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Out of Home Ad Attribution

Place a Flowcode on your billboards or wild posters to help direct your offline customers to your online content.

Pro Tip: You can use unique codes on your OOH ads to measure what content, calls to action, and location results in the most scans. Conduct A/B tests to learn what marketing is most effective for your business.

The #1 QR Code for Television

FlowcodeTV is the only QR platform designed for TV, CTV, and digital video.

We offer proprietary QR codes optimized for screens, integrated with graphic overlays, and provide real-time data on engagement and attribution.

Learn more about our TV best practices and how you can work with a dedicated client success team by requesting a live demo.

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QR for Packaged Goods

With Flowcode QR, you can offer more information than what's on the product itself. 

Give your customers a deeper experience, offer a discount, or set your code to automatically order more!

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Give your QR a custom design!

Flowcode allows you to customize your QR code design. Choose your brand colors, style, and even add your logo! 

Want your code to stand out even more? Flowcode Pro Members receive a completely customized QR code created by our designers, just for your brand. 


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