QR Codes for Marketers

Learn how innovative marketers are using the versatility of QR codes to elevate their marketing campaigns. 

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"It's easy to share all your links, quickly & easily with Flowcode"
- West Fork Whisky 

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6 ways to elevate your
marketing with Flowcode QR Codes

01 Measure engagement with Flowcode analytics. 

With Flowcode's analytics dashboard, you can measure QR scans and page clicks to see how your audience is connecting with your content. 

See if your marketing is working, optimize your ad spends, and improve your targeting with accurate data!

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02 QR codes on packaging for instant reordering. 

With Flowcode QR, you can offer more information than what's on the product itself.

Set your QR code to send scanners to a discount, your website where they can order again, or to follow you online. 

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03 Add a QR code to your videos.  

One of the easiest ways to drive engagement and sales directly from your content is to add a Flowcode QR code to your videos. Send your audience to a purchase page, to learn more, follow your social channels, or enter a contest... all without needing to type in a URL. 

Videos with Flowcode QR codes get 60% more engagement!

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04 A/B test campigns. 

Create a unique code for each marketing campaign. With Flowcode analytics, you can gain valuable insights into who is engaging and when to optimize your marketing spend.

To set up an A/B test, log in or create a Flowcode account and create unique Flowcodes for each material or variable you plan on testing. 

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AB Test with QR

05 Audience contact collection. 

Connect your Flowcode QR to a Flowpage, our mobile link sharing page, and you can collect your audience's contact information and add it to your CRM.  

Ask customers to enter their information to win products, discounts, or join your mailing list!

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06 Improve your Google reviews. 

Nothing helps you build trust faster than reviews. So make it easy for customers by setting a Flowcode QR Code to scan to your leave a review page.  

Pro Tip: Add a "Leave a Review" CTA on your code. 

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Flowcode saves us money and helps us grow our revenue. It allows us to cut back on printing costs, but really, the biggest advatage is the ability to cross-promote different products on our flowpage.

For example, if someone wants to book a table reservation, they’ll go to our Flowpage where they can also book a cabana, a hotel room...so the cross-pollination of revenue streams grows our business significantly

- Steven Filippi, Ballard’s Beach Resort

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